Amour Plumbing Services' garbage disposal repairs will keep your kitchen clean.

A plumbing appliance called garbage disposal helps to lessen overpowering food odors while also preventing clogged pipes. Installing a garbage disposal in your kitchen sink helps break down food scraps and prevents them from clogging drains. Not only will this keep your drains clear, but it will also stop your pipes from corroding. Food waste will begin to build up in the pipes after garbage disposal breaks, eventually causing jams. When this occurs, it’s critical to get expert assistance as soon as you can to prevent further harm.

When a garbage disposal is broken, the problem is obvious. The garbage disposal’s scents will bother you if the lack of convenience isn’t enough already! In the event that your garbage disposal isn’t working properly, Blue Wolf Plumbing can help. We offer trash disposal installation, replacement, and repair services in San Tan Valley, Arizona. We offer same-day appointments and offer a warranty on our work.


In the kitchen, garbage disposal systems are a workhorse. Before they have any problems, these machines munch through hundreds of pounds of garbage. As a consequence, we are frequently shocked when they have issues since we place our faith in their dependability. However, regardless of how dependable your unit has been, its job of chewing through dense waste ensures that a problem will arise.

The following are the most prevalent reasons for garbage disposal failures:

  • Putting too much food down at the garbage disposal at once
  • Putting fibrous things in the garbage, such as banana peels or celery stems
  • Inadequate water was used to rinse the debris off the blades and into the drain.
  • Grease and cooking oils are allowed to accumulate on the blades.


Amour Plumbing Services will assist you if you’re having problems with your garbage disposal. We provide the greatest plumbing services in San Tan Valley, Arizona, and we’re always willing to assist.

Garbage disposal units are a workhorse in the kitchen. These machines eat through hundreds of pounds of trash before they experience any issues. As a result, we are frequently taken aback when they experience problems, since we have faith in their dependability. No matter how trustworthy your unit has been, an issue will always develop because of the way it works when chewing through dense garbage.

The most frequent causes of garbage disposal malfunctions are as follows:

  • Overfilling the garbage disposal with food at once
  • Putting fibrous objects in the trash, such as celery stems and banana peels
  • Insufficient water was used to wash the dirt into the drain and off the blades.
  • The blades are allowed to gather grease and cooking oils.


If your garbage disposal is giving you trouble, Amour Plumbing Services can help. In San Tan Valley, Arizona, we offer the best plumbing services, and we’re always ready to help.


When we visit your residence or place of business, we will be completely prepared to examine and fix any typical issue. We will carefully examine the situation and the degree of the damage, explain the problem and the remedy, address any concerns you may have, and give you a quote upfront. You are not startled by anything because everything takes place before any job starts.